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The Humping Pact

The Humping Pact is a suspended act of affirmative persistence. It is an aesthetic meditation on the human desire to believe in the futile and to conceive the impossible. Our coming together is a tribute to dysfunctional spaces that still emanate creative potential. We attempt to build an intimate and personal relationship with space in the most efficient way, being loyal to its demands and dedicated within our efforts. We want to celebrate the human body that is convulsed by the desire to inspire.
The Humping Pact was developed during Diego Agullo’s and Dmitry Paranyushkin’s secluded residency at PACT Zollverein center for performance and choreography in Essen, Germany in 2011. Its message is disseminated through various mediums: multi-screen video installations exhibited in galleries, film showings presented in theaters, online and on DVD, live performances, large-format photo prints, as well as press publications. Below you can see some excerpts from the installation and the various contexts where The Humping Pact appeared so far.